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Skin treatment in La is an issue because of polluting of the environment. You end up getting frequent La skin treatment treatments since the air is full of ozone. Ozone may be the main element of our aged L. The. friend, Smog.

Smog episodes your La skin as well as quickly removes E vitamin from your own uppermost pores and skin layer (known as the stratum corneum) based on the unexpected outcomes of a February 1997 College of Ca, Berkeley research.

How bad may be the smog in La? “… despite a typical $5 Million to $8 Million spent to handle regional quality of air plans within recent years, Los Angeles final summer once again led the country in smoggy days” based on the October 11, 2006 issue from the Los Angeles Times within the California Nearby News area.


Vitamin E is definitely an important element of healthy La skin care since it acts like a protector towards oxidation. Oxidation is really a major broker causing the actual aging of the skin.

A good example of oxidation is definitely an apple switching brown when it’s cut and subjected to the oxygen within the air. In about an hour or so the contaminated air will quickly destroy the actual flesh from the fruit.

Think about the apple’s external skin because your uppermost pores and skin layer (statum corneum). Think about your skin since the flesh from the fruit.

Stop for any moment as well as imagine the result. Do the thing is the grow older spots and also the discoloration as with the lightly browning apple?

Have you been getting the actual oxidation image? It’s not really a pretty the first is it? No.

Los Angeles smog attacks the skin and removes E vitamin. Vitamin E is the body’s organic anti-oxidant. Vitamin E can be found in some grow oils as well as in leafy vegetables. It is really a vital weapon inside your Los Angeles skincare.

The smog ages the skin after the actual protective degree of Vitamin At the is decreased. Aging is seen as a the look of good lines, facial lines, loss associated with firmness, uneven complexion and grow older spots.

Certainly, one consequence of the investigation was this validated using Vitamin E permanently Los Angeles skincare.


Scientists found E vitamin in the actual uppermost pores and skin layer (stratum corneum) fallen by 25 % after just two several hours exposure from double the actual peak amounts of ozone within cities like La and South america City.

The UC Berkeley scientists found just twenty-five % of E vitamin remained within the stratum corneum following a similar test for 6 consecutive times.

The surprising finding here’s that the actual exposure was just for two several hours. This is much less that an average joe is subjected to in the heavily contaminated area like La.

A jeopardized uppermost pores and skin layer indicates problems for the overall pores and skin health. Based on the UC Berkeley teacher Lens Thiele, “Skin Treatment Companies know for those who have dry pores and skin, it’s your own statum corneum that is in difficulty. Everything a person apply in your skin has to feed that coating. “

Therefore a lower level from the anti-oxidant E vitamin in the actual stratum corneum equates to skin conditions and early aging of the skin.

Now have you been starting to determine how important both enemies, smog and E vitamin, are for your Los Angeles skincare? We’re beginning to answer a number of your skincare questions, are not we? You betcha we’re.


Smog is really a cunning foe isn’t this? First this strips aside your E vitamin protection along with other anti-oxidants. Then this ages the skin. It’s just like a one-two knockout punch for your skin treatment.

Even short daily contact with smog, Ultra Violet (UV) light and also the sun provides you with bad skin and also the aging you do not want.

What exactly are a person goanna perform, move to get good La skin treatment? Maybe. But you will find other options.


I am who owns a salon in the actual smog free of charge beach town of Father christmas Monica, Ca. I’ve observed La skin care issues with some associated with my customers.

One from the solutions is actually anti-aging skincare products as well as European La Facial Rejuvenation remedy. These skincare treatments will replace anti-oxidants such as Vitamins At the and D, ubiquinone, kinetin as well as lipoic-acid.

Estheticians in La and Father christmas Monica developed skincare treatments in order to mitigate the results of La smog.


Right now, I’ve explained the issue of skincare in La. If you’ve bad pores and skin it might not be all of the fault. I additionally gave a solution.

Your esthetician may be the Skin Treatment Sheriff that arrests as well as jails the actual bad pores and skin and opens your great skin.

It is simple. Would you like to live along with bad La skin or even good La skin? It’s your decision to help to make.

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